Welcome to Villa Prespa

Hi there! We are the Josifovski family, owners of Villa Prespa. To cut a long story short, the enormous over-crowding and air pollution of Skopje in the recent years made us look for a holiday home in the countryside for  where we can catch a breath of fresh air, but with no apparent success in our quest. And then came the corona virus pandemic, with the lock downs imposed to everyone. This was the last straw which resulted in doing  intense search for the right spot for a rural retreat, and somehow the ad for this house appeared to us. Not long after that, we visited the area, saw the house, liked it and bought it in the beginning of May 2020.

Villa Prespa is a solid stone built family house built by a local man who spent years working abroad, retired in Dolno Dupeni with his wife, and led the peaceful life of a farmer. When we started planning the renovation works, it became obvious that apart from being a holiday home, the house with its sheer size can also give our  family the opportunity to share the beauties of Prespa with visitors keen to explore this little known area of the Balkans, thus providing a solution to the ever-present absence of quality authentic accommodation in the Macedonian part of Prespa.

Since October 2020 gradual renovation took place across the entire property, resulting in soft launch of 3 guest units in October 2021, with plans to expand the capacity with few nearby off-grid glam pods (hopefully) in the near future.

The restoration and reconstruction were done by local construction crew together with ourselves, while most of the furniture and interior decorations are locally handcrafted. Only local materials were during the entire process. 

We at Villa Prespa believe that the well traveled nomads of the new and the older generation deserve to have unique life experience by staying in a living village like Dolno Dupeni, in Europe’s last Terra Incognita that Prespa is.

By staying at Villa Prespa, our guests will be as far away from the urban jungle that they live in, in our pristine rural setting, where life still goes on like like before, simple and natural.

We hope that You will enjoy Your stay in our comfortable rooms, the great outdoors, friendly locals and tasty cuisine!

handwritten welcome to villa prespa