Villa Prespa is aiming to achieve more sustainable way of travel, in harmony with nature, places and people.

The environmental guidelines we currently follow are:

Sewage treatment. The entire wastewater from the premises is collected and processed in our own wastewater treatment station.

Healthy food. The Villa is making effort to source mostly locally grown food for the composition of the breakfast menu. GMO products are not used.

Green building. The first rule is that the greenest building is the building that doesn’t get built. Our Villa’s premises are converted from an old stone built house, designed in harmony with the natural features and using locally sourced materials. The second rule is that every building should be as small as possible, to reduce the consumption of natural resources. We didn’t do any expansion of the existing space, just made the best use of it.

Solar heaters for hot water production.

Ecological cleaning products & toiletries / no single dose. The detergents and cleaners we use are highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Toiletries available to guests are refilled from bulk containers. The accommodation does not use chemical cleaning products.

Energy-saving lights. The LED light bulbs we use across the property have an energy efficiency of Class A.

Bike & SUP rental service.

Supporting the local economy. We purchase local products and services, and also recommend to our guests nearby regional restaurants and other attractions, in order to support the local eceonomy.

Towel & linen change on request. Villa Prespa has linen reuse policy changes guest linens and towels only upon request or every few days, rather than every day. This saves significant amounts of energy and water, uses fewer chemicals, and results in lower greenhouse gas emissions. We communicate out policy to the guests to ensure that guests are aware of the option to reuse their linens and towels.

Appliances with energy label Class A. The few appliances we have (refrigerators, washing machine, dishwasher and dryer) have the EU Energy Label Class A.

Natural air conditioning. No a/c systems at Villa Prespa.

Promoting “eco” activities. Villa Prespa is organizing events and promotions which sensitize the customers’ attention towards ecotourism, such as walking, biking, boat trips, visits to local farmers, cooking classes and rediscovery of local traditions, and so on. The accommodation supports local projects to improve and protect the environment.

Our commitments for the future include:

More than 80% waste recycling. Waste will be separated, recycled and disposed in a appropriate manner, with the goal to exceed 80% of waste differentiation. Bins for recycling paper, glass, plastic and cans will be made available to guests in public areas.

Water flow reducers.

100% renewable energy. The electricity used in the future will come from solar energy via PV panels.

Recovery & reuse of rainwater.

Carbon offset program.