The Island of Golem Grad

Tsar Samuil's summer refuge

Also known as the "Snake Island", Golem Grad is an island located in the Macedonian part of the big Prespa Lake. It is about 18 hectares big and includes ancient ruins from Roman, Neolithic, and Hellenic times. Apart from the preserved church of St. Peter, the attention is drawn by the medieval church dedicated to St. Demetrius, as well as the early Christian basilica from the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 5th century, where remnants of a floor mosaic were discovered. Another unique attraction is the Roman stone cistern that was used as a reservoir for drinking water. The island is home to many endemic plants as well as rare birds and reptilians, which contributed to its status as designated natural reserve within the reaches of the Galicica national park.

For our guests as well as interested outside visitors we can arrange a short wildlife observation tour to the island with a regular fishing boat from the village of Stenje.

The Museum

Jone's life passion

The Ethno museum in the nearby village of Podmochani (owned by Mr. Jone Eftimovski) houses one of the richest private ethnology collections of Macedonia, consisting of over 2000 pieces: more than 160 original Macedonian folk costumes from all over the region of Macedonia, rare jewelry, as well as ancient weapons and coins. Visit of this museum is definitely an experience worth having while in Prespa.

Kurbinovo Monastery

Artistic pinnacle of the middle Byzantine period

This monastery dedicated to St. George is located near the eastern shore of Lake Prespa on the slopes of Mt. Pelister, near the village of Kurbinovo. An inscription above the altar informs us that this church was in 1191 AD. This church is heavily under the radar for most visitors of the area, but the Byzantine frescoes are astounding. The most famous is the Annunciation scene which can be seen in the church’s apse just above the altar featuring the Madonna and Child (eastern wall of the church). To the left of them is the stunning fresco of Archangel Gabriel, also referred to as the Angel of Kurbinovo, which is featured on the reverse side of the 50 Macedonian denars banknote.

Our neighbouring villages

Our home village of Dolno Dupeni as well as the nearby villages of Ljubojno and Brajchino are picturesque mountain villages with long immigrant tradition, located in the foothills of the Baba mountain range. These villages have unique traditional architecture and they are home to beautiful churches and extravagant monasteries in their vicinity. The surrounding area boasts scenic and unspoilt nature that is sure to take your breath away.

Our guests can enjoy self-guided and guided walking and biking tours which take place in these charming villages.

Slivnica Monastery

Most serene and spiritual place in Prespa

Located at 1,200 m above sea level, this beautiful 17th century monastery is dedicated to the Nativity of the Mother of God. It lies in a spectacular setting on the flanks of Mt. Baba with a scenic panorama of lake Prespa, and its Roman catholicon (main church) is richly decorated with beautifully preserved frescoes. The monastery was built in three phases between 1607 and 1645. It was founded by the local clergy thanks to donations from several families in the region. The complex no longer hosts a monastic community since the 19th century. The Monastery houses a source of considered miraculous water next to the church., and it was also the presumed place of several sightings of the Mother of God since the First World War.

The regions of Ohrid and Pelagonija

There are beautiful areas within an hour from Villa Prespa, such as Ohrid and Pelagonija, as well as the Pelister and Galicica national parks. Our guests can enjoy a day trip exploring some of the most beautiful spots in our neighborhood like the old town of Ohrid, the scenic villages of Trpejca and Malovishte, or the Heraclea Lyncestis archaeological site.

Our assistance and recommendations for the best places to visit and most authentic foodie experiences will definitely make Your day trip a memorable one.

Slivnica beach

Slivnica Beach is a picturesque spot located on Lake Prespa, known for its stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and tranquil surroundings. It's a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the lake. The beach provides a serene escape, perfect for relaxation and taking in the scenic views of the surrounding landscape. The beach is only 10 minutes drive from Villa Prespa.

People and Food

"Macedonia - a country that’s often overlooked and passed over for the more alluring countries on the sparkling coast — like Croatia and Montenegro. It’s a place that’s spent most of its life stuck between war-torn countries, making it hard for Western visitors to give it a chance. Which is heartbreaking, considering the landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful, the people are some of the world’s most welcoming, and the food is some of Europe’s most comforting."

Excerpt from a "Vogue" piece on Macedonia becoming a slow food destination, written by Claire Volkman, published in October 2016.

The Apples

Apple orchards make up approximately 4,000 Hectares of the Prespa region, and between 80,000 to 100,000 tons of apples are produced every year. Visit of our neighbors' apple orchard and picking organic apples is always a great addition to Your stay, and we are here to help You with that.

Agios Achillios in Greece

Nature’s symphony of lakes, wildlife, and rich heritage

A visit to Prespa is not complete without visiting the highlight of the Greek part of Prespa (aka Prespes) - the island of Agios Achillios. Agios Achillios (Свети Ахил) is a beautiful small island situated in the small Prespa lake, around two and a half hours drive from Villa Prespa (via Florina). The island is accessible through a floating pedestrian bridge. It is worth going round the island and on top of it to enjoy the great views to the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Highlights of Agios Achillios are the large basilica’s ruins (burial place of Tsar Samuil), the breathtaking views over Prespa and the local animals that you stumble over at any time, such as water buffaloes, local pygmy cattle, geese, black pigs or goats and sheep. Around the bridge you’ll spot some pelicans, pygmy cormorants and other beautiful rare birds.

Mala Prespa in Albania

Mala Prespa (Мала Преспа, lit. 'Small Prespa') is a term used to denote a geographical area in eastern Albania, part of the wider region of Prespa. It is officially recognised as a Macedonian minority zone. According to the 2011 Census, in Albania there are about 5,000 Macedonians, primarily in the Mala Prespa area, forming 97% of the population of the Pustec Municipality.

Prespa National Park covers a surface of 27750 ha and is the biggest National Park in the Balkans. It is located in southeast of Albania and on the border with Macedonia and Greece. In the territory of the Park there are 12 villages. The Prespa National Park is part of the Korçë district. The entrance point to the Park is in Zvezda which is 25 km away from the border with Macedonia. Prespa National Park is one of the first National Parks created in Albania after the change of the political regime in 1992. What makes the park special is and unique are a high biodiversity, beautiful landscapes, traditional and cultural treasures of the region and being a transboundary area.

Hiking in Prespa is fun and relaxing since there are several excellent guides provided by the national park. You also can experience the lake when traveling by car, motor bike or bicycle and visit the historical monuments, churches, the monastery of St. Marena near the village of Tuminec and the Island of Maligrad.