Check-in from 2pm / Check-out at 11am.

We will require Your ID/Passport during the check-in process.

When You leave the room, please make sure You don’t forget something personal, and please leave the room in a tidy condition.

Please respect other guests and the peace of the Villa after 10pm.

Please respect our property, the furniture and the communal areas.

Guests are fully responsible for any visible damages that occur during their stay in our rooms and apartments.

Smoking is STRICTLY forbidden in our rooms and apartments.
All rooms are equipped with smoke detectors, so please respect our no smoking policy. You can smoke outside at a designated area in the frontyard.

The hand and body towels we provide are to be used during the stay, for the sake of environment protection and preservation of the limited amount of water (still, if You desire to have Your towels changed, please talk to the host, we’ll help You out). 

Please do not put toilet paper in the toilets.
Please use the provided bins for the used toilet paper in order to prevent clogging of the sewage system.

Parents with small children are solely responsible for their children’s safety. Children are not to be left unattended.

Pets are not allowed in the rooms and apartments (we apologize for the inconvenience).

The Villa is not responsible for any loss of valuable belongings.

Guests who don’t adhere to the rules and cause disturbance will be deemed undesirable and will be immediately asked to leave the premises of the Villa without any refunds.

Network: Villa Prespa / Password: villaprespadd